The DMC-12 High Resolution Preamplifier


DMC-12 Preamplifier
Front Panel Controls
•Input Selector switch
•Balance Control switch
•Output Attenuation control
•Mute switch
•Stereo/Mono switch
•Stereo/Reverse switch
•Tape Monitor switch
•Protection Circuit LED indicator

Internal Controls
•Input Trim 10 dB range for aux 1/phono, aux 2, disc, tuner, tape
•Phono Input Impedance selector (opt.)
•Phono Section Gain selector (opt.)
•High Level Gain selector

Rear Panel Connectors
•Signal Ground post (gold)
•4 RCA Input connector sets (gold)
•2 RCA Output connectors (gold)
•Tape Input and Output RCA connector sets (gold)
•DC Power Hi-Rel input connector

DMS-12 Power Supply
Front Panel
•Illuminated Power indicator

Rear Panel
•AC Line connector
•DC Power Output connector
•AC Line fuse
•AC Power switch

DMC-12 Preamplifier Technical Data
Input Compliment:

Output Compliment:

Control Compliment
Output Attenuation:

Output Balance: Mute switch: Input Level Switches: Output Level Switches: Mode Switches: Input Selections:

Recording Amplifiers
Input Impedance:

Output Inpedance:

DMC-12 Mechanical


DMS-12 Mechanical


High Level Output Section
Frequency Response:

Slew Rate: Rise Time: Distortion: Crosstalk Rejection: Noise: Output Voltage: Output Current: Gain:

Model 120 Phono Section (optional)

Phono Equalization: Distortion: Noise: Input Impedance: Load Capacitance:

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