The DMC-20 Reference Preamplifier.


DMC-20 Reference Preamplifier
Front Panel Controls

Internal Controls Rear Panel Connectors DMC-20 Preamplifier Technical Data
Input Compliment: Output Compliment:

Control Compliment
Output Attenuation:

Output Balance: Mute Switch: High Level Trim: Mode Switches: Input Selections:

Recording Amplifiers
Input Impedance:

Output Impedance:

Protection Circuit
Protection Mode:

Method: Sensitivity: Recovery: Chassis Temperature:

DMS-20 Power Supply Technical Data
Output Voltages:

Noise and Ripple: Reserve Capacity: Input Mains Voltage: Power Consumption: Protection:

Model 201 Balanced Output Module
Fully Balanced Operation:

Frequency Response: Slew Rate: Rise Time: Distortion: Crosstalk: Noise: Output Voltage: Output Current: Gain:

Model 202 Phono Module (optional)

Gain: Phono Equalization: Distortion: Noise: Input Impedance: Load Capacitance: Output Voltage: Servo Time Constant:

Model 203 Balanced Input Module (optional)
Fully Balanced Operation:

Frequency Response: Slew Rate: Distortion: Input Impedance: Gain:

DMC-20 Preamplifier Mechanical


DMS-20 Power Supply Mechanical


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