The DMC-30SS Reference Preamplifier


The Spectral DMC-30SS Studio Standard

Spectral founders are deeply committed to high-end audio design in a most uncompromising way. In a world of relativism and compromise we believe that highly accurate reproduction most fully honors fine recorded performances as well as being profoundly musical. The DMC-30 Studio Standard Preamplifier is our most advanced expression of this ideal. Exhaustive testing under live recording conditions has created a true reference. With virtually no coloration or character of its own, the DMC-30SS is an extraordinarily transparent and truthful window on great music. The DMC-30SS is for the serious music enthusiast who is a patient and sophisticated listener. We hope you will take an evening to experience the new DMC-30SS. We think you will discover a new world of expressiveness and life in all your favorite recordings.



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